Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beaded Bracelets!

 Spring is out and about in New England! Cleaning bee equipment, painting trim on the house, cleaning up garden beds, planting onions, peas, leeks, lettuce. Enjoying fresh eggs with our asparagus!

 I can't seem to get this blog thing together more than once a month but I wanted to share some photos of beaded bracelets.

 I got to Florida in March and my sis had made herself a bracelet so of course I had to make one too.
Chan Luu seems to be the brains behind these little numbers! They are fun and easy to make just taking some patience!

So we had our lesson and then I found out that Baker Bead  in Cocoa Beach was just a quick walk around the corner will all necessary parts...and I must say it is an amazing bead store. As friends and family started showing up for the girlz big show I gave bracelet lessons and took numerous field trips to the bead store.  The troops were all so happy to have projects!

Cousin Tracy working on her treasure!


Still whipping them up!


Tina ~ Seaside Stitches said...

Love them! I can see why you'd make them. $200+? So it looks like a big button on one end, then what happens with the other end? You might need to give me a lesson! Julia's friends would love these.

brigitte said...

these are great! my girls would love them.

wall art said...

If there is any excess thread beyond the knot, cut it. Now, take a bead tip and insert the open end of the thread through the hole in the bead tip.

susan greene said...

I want to make these beautiful bracelets.

Part Exchange Jewellers Warwickshire said...

Most people wear about a 7½" or 8" bracelet, but that size can vary widely! I know 5½"-ers and 10"-ers, so the best thing to do is measure the intended wrist first.