Friday, April 12, 2013

Whose got the Button?

Greetings from Little Rhody! It is still a bit chilly here but all is well!
I just wanted to share a bit of news!

 My embroidered buttons got a couple of pages in the latest online mag  In Stitches, Volume 10! Just posting a few more pics for your viewing pleasure!! The buttons are great little projects...quick, portable and givable!! 

In Stitches Volume 10 has very strong, amazing work gathered together in one place so check it out!!

Have a great day and make something wonderful! 


bumblebee said...


elizabeth said...

Bauble-icious! (if that's a word!) Tracy!

Aleta said...

your buttons are adorable!

Gwen Jackson said...

Your button s are wonderful and a great carry around project..