Tuesday, July 27, 2010

IPhone Photo Apps!

I had Marisa Haedike as teacher at the Squam Art Workshops (there is a session in Sept people), and she shared her favorite phone photo apps with me. So, while Sue and I were relaxing on our trip in Seattle I was crazily spending 2 bucks here and 99 cents there for the said apps. What I ended up getting was Shake It Photo, Camera Bag and Hipstamatic. I found the latter two to be more fun than the Shake It Photo which "develops" your picture as you shake your phone. The Pics below were taken with Hipstamatic. Thanks Marisa!

Camera Bag allows you to apply a filter to an existing photo and the Hipstamatic takes a photo through the "lens and film" of your choice. It is very entertaining and I found myself taking pics everywhere. Check it out if you like to play with photos and your phone!

Off to harvest garlic, check the bees and pick blueberries!


Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

beautiful photos Tracy! LOVE them!! glad you enjoyed the apps...warning. they are addictive...

cookievf said...

oh yes, these are gorgeous. Hipstamatic helps you to see the world in a whole new way! Posting a few faves today - please drop by and check em out! =D
- vicki

(I'm local to art-is-you and hope to join in the fun!!)