Monday, August 2, 2010


Sue and I have been picking blueberries and putting them in the freezer. They usually last us through March. It has been a very relaxing venture with about 7 pounds of goodies to put into the freezer and on yogurt and to just munch by the handful!!! With a pile of Artgirlz wool hanging around, I decided to finally make a couple of blueberry pin cushions! 

They were pretty easy to put together. For the larger piece on the left, I just stitched precut wool felt flowers on a 3.5cm wool bead and had myself a very large berry. Made three of them and stitched them together around the base. Cut out and stitched on leaves and there you go. It lack the most amazing range of pink, green, purple, blue of the actual berries, but your pins will hang in these quite well!

The smaller piece on the right, was made from a stitched together cluster of 1cm beads and hand cut leaves.

Have been diggin wet felting! Will take some photos of what's been happening!


PrairieJill said...

Love the new blog! And the photos are great. Looking forward to seeing more.

suz said...

Yahoo Tracy! Can't wait to see how your creativity develops now that you have new directions. We've missed you guys!