Friday, September 24, 2010

Preparing for Classes...

Spent 4 extra long days at the Co-op in Wakefield this week painting the interior! The ceiling collapsed about a month ago creating a food retailer nightmare! Everything needed to be weighed, logged into a computer and then thrown away. It was one major mess after another. Demo and rebuild. With lots of scrubbing and cleaning help, the painting was finished yesterday!! So onto where I left off last week...

Preparing for Art Is...You ( I don't think that it is too late!) and classes at Quilts and More in Westerly. Making samples, putting kits together, making piles, looking for bright new ideas to share.

I made up this bag with our "patchy fabric" and a quick color wheel on the front. You never know when you will need that reference!! October 23rd at Quilts and More. Then onto dolls and the Holidaze!

Rag Dolls on October 30th

Stockings November 20th!

Back to my class organizing, shelling piles of beans, harvesting eggplant and honey!
What are you up to?

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The Dreaming Bear said...

Hi Tracy! So happy to find your delightful blog, and love hearing about all of your shenanigans! (I love shenanigans!) Sending you happy wishes for fall!!!