Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Packed the Day Before!!

It is a rainy day here in little rhody, but warm and dry here in the pit surrounded by my stuff! Just a few more things to pull together for CT and a pile of eggplant and cooked pumpkin in the kitchen!!
Have packed up my "Roll-Ups" to sell at the big event! I made a pile of these as Sue and I plowed thru all seasons of "Lost". There may be some cosmic, where in the world am I energy stitched into these babies!! 

Off to shine up my little old computer take with me. It is the perfect on the road warrior! I bought it in California around the time I was making this piece. I think that was 1988. Back in the hand quilting daze...

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Sharon said...

Hey Tracy! It has been a long slow week of recovering from tiredness, unpacking all the stuff from classes (and what was I thinking when I kept visiting that free table?????). But I have finally found time to track down your blog and send a note of thanks for your warmth and creativity in Danbury. I too am looking forward to next year, and hope that I see you and Linda for a few laughs before then. Love.............Sharon