Monday, October 18, 2010

Mid October Already!

 Last week at this time I was teaching in Conn at Art-Is. Linda and I packed up...(well, Linda was the "packing bitch" of the day) and we drove home Monday after my class. We were pretty tired and grateful to be back in little rhody. She dropped me off and blasted the last few miles on her own.

We both had a great time, great classes, students, and lots of laughs!!! I met lots of peeps and was glad to actually be teaching this time. Looking forward to next year already!!
These are just some of the very amazing people teaching. You may know some of them and some may be new to you!

Michael deMeng
Sue Pelletier
Diana Trout
Jane Davila
Judy Gula

Also check out the most amazing tiny tiny fimo cupcakes!
Oh my I have been checking out blogs as I got those time flies!

 So Linda showed up on Friday with a pan of plain set gelatin, paints, and goodies that would act as resists. Plus she had soup and blueberry crumble. What's better than that?!
I had heard about using gelatin as a base for what would basically be mono printing.  Linda and the Florida girlz were at it when she was visiting Cocoa Beach. Judy Gula was kind enough to let me laze around her class at Art-Is so that was my first live and in person view of the process.

After letting a pan of plain gelatin set, we plopped it out of the pan and flipped it over so the flat side was up. We then applied acrylic paint with a variety of brushes and a brayer and proceeded to make designs in the paint with wire, stamps, leaves and twine.

Fabric and papers were used to pull the paint off of the gel and and infinite number of images were achieved. I almost liked the paper better than the fabric.

I have the gel block sitting in the refrigerator just waiting for another round. 

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