Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doesn't My Hair Look Fantastic?

Well Providence was it's glamtastic self last night as Adam Lambert fans gathered at Lupo's for a fashion show and rock concert! Sue mentioned the event on Sunday morning and well, since we are always wondering what people around here do for fun, we ordered up a couple of tickets. So there we were looking for a parking space around 6 o'clock and the fans were already whipped around the block. 
Dreaming of a good veg dinner at AS220, we crossed the street by Trinity Rep and it was like...isn't that the dad from "6 Feet Under"? and sure enough there was Richard Jenkins just crossing the street on his way to the theater. As our dinner destination was closed, we turned around and there was Richard Jenkins doing his life.
We ended up eating a delicious dinner at Cuban Revolution. Rice, beans, Marilyn Monroe, Castro, festive artwork and fans gathering strength for the evening. Also got to see the new outdoor mural designed by Shepard Fairey. He did the screen print image from Obama's campaign. You might be familiar with his Obey street art. His work is very amazing and worth taking a look!

We crossed the street to Local 121 for some coffee and desert and noted that the line was longer, more compact and very festive! A few more fans hanging around in the the bar. We split a very local lemon pound cake, blueberries and cream. The restaurant is noted for using high quality local foods and was located right next to the ever expanding line around the block!

We were checking out the line when we heard an excited young man ask his friends "Doesn't My Hair Look Fantastic?" Perfect. We managed to get in for our "will call" tickets without standing in line, found our seats and watched with fascination the amazing variety of individuals that ended up together in the venue. By the time we had all waited, listened to Allison Iraheta (i didn't understand a word she said), waited another hour for no apparent reason (selling t-shirts maybe) listening to throbbing mixed tunes the glamster himself was on stage...and the frenzy was in full swing!! Singing, screaming, waving, on and on!!!!!!
On the way out of the venue I noticed a young woman in black underpants layered with fishnets, a belt, little top and festive pumps. I have so much to learn! It's good for me to get off of the farm!!

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