Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wet Felting!!!

Linda Willis and I trotted our bad selves up to the Rhode Island School of Design for a 4 night a week....wet felting class with Anna Kristina Goransson. We had a varied, talented and enthusiastic group of women who were always ready to mix roving, water and soap! Like being a part of any collection of creative types you get to see a wide range of styles emerge almost immediately!! Always a joyful and interesting experience!

With a pile of roving left from Artgirlz, a stash of wool picked up along the way combined with the goodies that we received in class I have been playing with making holey scarves. Will anyone else like the scarves???? Time will tell, but I am having a great and somewhat relaxing time at our kitchen counter putting down roving and trying to keep the water under control!!

Have to go and check the hoping for rain!!


suz said...

Interesting - I can see the start of something there!

Connie said...

Hadn't visited Artgirlz in a while as I knew it was gone. Glad I checked and found you here. Happy gardening, felting & creating.

Tracy Stilwell said...

Thanks for checking in. We are still alive and kicking!!! xx t