Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday Eleanor!!!

I can't believe that it is Friday already. Just came back from the farmers market. Left some of my new scarves with Jan Doyle and her buddies.Will go back and get them at noon. It is a public trial!! 
Finished a knitted scarf. Very basic...knit one way, knit the other way...

Made a paper mobile for Eleanor's 90th Birthday! Loved working on it!

Harvested more summer squash and eggplant. Yard long beans waiting for me!

Started working on some collage heads. Used the top of wooden boxes that are hanging around. I think I have a whole pile of tops somewhere. Started cutting up my old Ms. Magazines that I have been hauling around for 30 years.

Cut out shapes that will become a cover for a small foam stool. Can't wait to start sewing it together. Want to dig out a big piece of flannel that is buried in the closet. I'm sure it will be easy!!

Now going to fill out an application for the Craftland Holiday Show.

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JillB said...

Oh my goodness - Ms magazine! I hadn't thought about that for years!!

Love the collage faces, and your beautiful photographs.