Thursday, May 5, 2011

April 22...
The warm mornings of Cocoa Beach did not fly along with me on my return to Rhode Island! It was 29 degrees this morning...quickly up to 49.

Since my return I have raked millions of leaves
son Pete has been building our new chicken coop inside existing shed
working on getting our bees in order
planted peas and just got our onion and potato starts yesterday
working on some pillows
playing angry birds...somebody help me!!!

May 5th...
I have been trying to get to this for some time now. After installing new op system and new iLife, my iphoto is soooo slow and driving me prepping pics was annoying!!! But onward.

We have been celebrating Sue's birthday (peeking out of the new chicken door) for days with wonderful company and food! The real day was yesterday and she has the next 5 days off! Yea!!

The chicks arrived  a week ago. They grow so quickly it is unbelievable.

Bees are settled
Chicken coop for new peepers is coming along
Spied frog eggs in the pond...
Potatoes, onions, shallots, spinach, lettuce, peas in...beets, carrots, more lettuce, leeks going in and plant sales this weekend. Look out, danger...
Leaving for Paris in 6 days...
The garden is just erupting, some of the daffys need dead heading already...

While I was in Coca Beach, we went to visit the
and we bought this painting by Theresa Disney! Have been looking for something and was thrilled to see her work in person! Such good color and attitude. We love it!

So yoga and walk this morning and then back here to plant seeds, build a chicken yard, deal with daffys, new garden area, check on the chicks, enjoy my girl, maybe relax a bit!!