Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yea! I Want to Go!!!!

Who needs pants????

A couple of images to tickle your fancy for our upcoming
Jan '14 Workshop "Go Figure"!
Two projects...



Lots of Fun
Good Food
Playing with Lots of Materials
Good Friends
Check out the Workshop Tab for Details!!

"Did you figure out the menu yet?"

Thursday, July 11, 2013

2013 Print Workshop!

The poppies were perfect for the Solstice Print Workshop!!!

 Eileen, Betti and Kecia...

And the workshop went very well! The weather was beautiful. June's temperatures are much kinder than those of July! The attendees were very well behaved as usual and did beautiful work! We painted, and printed, stitched, shared food, went shopping, watched the baby chicks, sat by the pond and chatted.

 Linda and Elizabeth Duke taking a break by the pond.

 Elizabeth a bit later with stencils...
Kecia in Action
Linda -Art in Action

  Eileen's Fab Skirt developing!

 Kathi's Pocket Moving along! With goodies from Nancy Rafi! Thanks For the visit Nancy!!

Bigger View!

Betti's Apron In Progress!

Betti and the Mistress of Threads!

Who's Painty hands are we seeing?
Sunday found us all roaming the Charlestown Flea Market that is conveniently located right down the street. I think everyone found some treasure or another. I know that there were many baby dolls that found new homes that morning. The two below were lucky enough to find there way to my couch! 

 It was back to work after the trip to the Flea to finish up projects!
It is always gratifying to see women learning new skills, conquering fears, trying new things and finding the joy in crossing into new creative territories! This weekend brought about a number of those moments!


 Many thanks to the June '13 crew!
It was a very productive and relaxing weekend, with everyone doing great work!
Thanks to all of you!
Looking forward to the next round in January 2014.

Speaking of 2014, miracle of miracles, Linda Willis and I were so organized that we planned out workshops for next year and had postcards made!
The information for next years series is in the Workshop Tab of this lovely site.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Busy Spring!

Much has happened since my last post! As usual! The spring was beautiful around the farm!
The daffies were beautiful, followed by perky purple allium, baby chicks do their chicken thing,
and the bees whirling around the posies!

While Spring was doing her thing,
the State of Rhode Island finally legalized gay marriage...well it will be on August 1st.
So Sue and I decided after
much discussion and
21 years of hanging around together
 that we would get married.
So we are planning a very casual bash for Sept 7th!

Then off to New Hampshire for another Squam Art Retreat! I was tired when I got there and it was just nonstop chatting, laughing, learning, eating, making things, walking thru the woods, and meeting new folks. Donna and Marti, buddies from last year knitting and sharing pics.

 I tried my best manipulating in an attempt to score this amazing woven heart to no avail.
It was created by the beautiful and talented Harriet Goodall and her work is amazing.  

I played with paints, inks and papers with Alena Hennessy. Loved the inks on wood!
And made the famous Squam Smock with Cal Patch. I was part of the Squam Fair this year and was thrilled to be selling to my people!! Thanks all of you! And to Donna and Marti for being supreme helpers, much gratitude!! Fun was had by all!

Lots of plans to make for the upcoming Wedding! Unbelievable surprise and thanks to the Supreme Court for making it's decision to get the Feds on board...finally.

Info For next years fab weekends coming any day now!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pot Holders!

Okay, in the spirit of trying to come up with products that folks want to buy, I whipped up some potholders this week and last week. Those of you that make things and try to price them out know the insanity of trying to figure out pricing that serves you as a worker in the world as we know it! Will be taking them over to the South County Artisans Market at The Amazing Umbrella Factory.

Trying to figure out the best way to finish off the edges...timely and lovely...

 Don't you just want to start cooking?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Whose got the Button?

Greetings from Little Rhody! It is still a bit chilly here but all is well!
I just wanted to share a bit of news!

 My embroidered buttons got a couple of pages in the latest online mag  In Stitches, Volume 10! Just posting a few more pics for your viewing pleasure!! The buttons are great little projects...quick, portable and givable!! 

In Stitches Volume 10 has very strong, amazing work gathered together in one place so check it out!!

Have a great day and make something wonderful! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

South County Artisan's Market!!

I have been working on goodies to take to the South County Artisan's Market at the Umbrella Factory in beautiful "downtown" Charlestown, RI! If you are in the general Southern New England area and have never been to the Umbrella Factory, it is worth a ride with the family. And the garden center is top of the line...should open any day now!!!

 These faces were painted onto fabric that had already had a color wash applied. The idea was to create little pillows. They were then machine embroidered and a few have additional hand embroidery! I added the ruffles to give them a little more interest. For any of you that make things for sale, there is always and constantly the time/materials vs retail price dilemma running through each stitch.

 Also sanded and painted this chair that Sue and I have been carrying around with us for years. It was given to us by a dear, deceased friend and has been waiting for this moment to become part of the display at the Umbrella Factory. Chalkboard paint was applied to the top part of the chair and will allow me to change messages or prices. My sis will be happy to know that the seat has been covered by the formerly unfix-able girl.

 Worked on printing more fabric

 And started some new big pillows!

 And finally ordered some 2x2 biz cards/hang tags from Modern Postcard!

 Now, Off to yoga and another day of making things up!