2014 Workshops!

Greetings Creative Friends!

Linda and I have set up three workshops for next year
and want to share the scoop with you and your friends!

Not only will you have TWO great teachers if we do say so ourselves,
but there is always lots of fab homemade food,
beautiful gardens,
pond with fish, frogs,
good shopping including summer flea market,
old and new friends,
peace, calm, saftey
and large great workspace!!!

Eileen, Betti (before she did the beautiful piece pictured above) and Kecia taking a deep breath!

Baby Chicks checking out their world!

Spectacular Poppies!

t and l

We have years and years of combined experience with fabric, yarns, paper, buttons,
sewing machines, electric mixers and much much more!
You won't be sorry!

Tracy and Linda’s Fabulous Creative Fling - 8

House, sanctuary, little shrine...
We will be working with soft (fabric) & hard (mixed media) versions of
little dwellings that will serve the perfect purpose for your life!


Download Registration Information. 

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