Friday, June 17, 2011

A New Pillow!

Worked in the studio this week! It felt great!!!

Made another pillow. Direct paint on fabric. Machine and hand embroidered. 


Spent this rainy day organizing and cleaning. I'm quite sure that I upset many many spiders. Well, upset is a nice word.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paris and the New Chicken Coop, Quilting Arts and Squam!!!

My new computer has finally arrived!!! So I can proceed!!!

It has been quite a month. Almost no sun, but things are growing like crazy! Things are clearly alive and thriving in the cloudy, rainy, foggy atmosphere! Carrots, beets, lettuces, potatoes, onions, eggplant (well, something is dining on the leaves), peppers, spinach, asparagus (yummy, our first year) all doing well so far! Just had our first strawberries....

Went to Paris in May with my former husband Ed Booth (of Newport BioDiesel) to meet up with son Donald Booth.  Don has been traveling and working for a year through a website called Help Exchange. The site matches up folks looking for help with projects with adventurers looking for work in exchange for a bed and food!

The boys having a toast in Montmartre....

Hot Chocolate from Angelina's was really unbelievable....

We had a great time being super tourists, eating and drinking lots of chocolate, consuming baguetts, croissants, checking out the sights and sounds with thousands of others! And unlike my New England neighbors, we had beautiful weather!

 The Paris markets were filled with beautiful and abundant items like these organic eggs!!

Meanwhile, back in the USA, our chicks continue to grow from little fluff balls into miniature chickens with wings and tails. They are in their new digs and the garage seems so lifeless and quiet. They have adjusted to the outside world and are doing their chicken thing in their new area! Thanks to my offspring Pete and Don they have a nice new home!!!

Quilting Arts Article! 

 I was pleased to have some of my work published in Quilting Arts this month. It is an article about gelatin printing and doll making. Check it out and give it a try! The magazine is filled with amazing work that will inspire your creative selves!!

Last week I was lucky enough to head out again and landed at Squam Lake in NH for the Squam Art Workshops! It was a wonderful time working with saws, drills, crochet hooks and a yoga mat! Saw old friends and met more good women!

There were beautiful faces and busy hands, good food and laughs, music, and a bit of cold windy weather. Follow the links on the Squam site for images of the event. I took my camera and left it in the bag....

Back home and back at it.  Cleaned up in the studio this morning and hope to get some work done. I am so grateful for my life and am sending good wishes out to the world!