Friday, October 21, 2011

Time Flying By on the Farm!

My last post was in August and now way into October! We have harvested 5 kinds of potatoes, dry beans, squash, eggplant, peppers, grapes (made juice), froze bags and bags of roasted tomatoes, spun out honey, got eggs from the new chickens, planted garlic and clover, scored two loads of alpaca manure..

We were very grateful to have made it thru Hurricane Irene with minor damage. Sue picked good tomatoes just before the storm. Happy to say we still had garden goodies after the event!

 We had a lovely surprise one day with the arrival of a new baby for the garden. George rescued her from horrible fate! Thanks George...she is very happy in her new ferny area! And as you can see, she always uses her seat belt!!

With the veggie gardens in good shape for the winter the pressure is off somewhat. Now raking leaves, cutting back perennials and planting bulbs...
Last weekend we inoculated a bunch of logs with mushroom spawn. With oak as a base, we drilled holes, pounded little plugs into the holes, covered the plug holes and ends of logs with bees wax.  We all enjoyed a great meal of pizza from George and Cathy's outside oven!! Thanks again as always.
So with proper care, we will all have a log of mushrooms blooming in the next 6-18 months. Time will tell on that one!