Monday, July 1, 2013

Busy Spring!

Much has happened since my last post! As usual! The spring was beautiful around the farm!
The daffies were beautiful, followed by perky purple allium, baby chicks do their chicken thing,
and the bees whirling around the posies!

While Spring was doing her thing,
the State of Rhode Island finally legalized gay marriage...well it will be on August 1st.
So Sue and I decided after
much discussion and
21 years of hanging around together
 that we would get married.
So we are planning a very casual bash for Sept 7th!

Then off to New Hampshire for another Squam Art Retreat! I was tired when I got there and it was just nonstop chatting, laughing, learning, eating, making things, walking thru the woods, and meeting new folks. Donna and Marti, buddies from last year knitting and sharing pics.

 I tried my best manipulating in an attempt to score this amazing woven heart to no avail.
It was created by the beautiful and talented Harriet Goodall and her work is amazing.  

I played with paints, inks and papers with Alena Hennessy. Loved the inks on wood!
And made the famous Squam Smock with Cal Patch. I was part of the Squam Fair this year and was thrilled to be selling to my people!! Thanks all of you! And to Donna and Marti for being supreme helpers, much gratitude!! Fun was had by all!

Lots of plans to make for the upcoming Wedding! Unbelievable surprise and thanks to the Supreme Court for making it's decision to get the Feds on board...finally.

Info For next years fab weekends coming any day now!


whale said...

Yay for getting married! I'm so happy for you.

Kristi Wodek said...

Congratulations on planning a wedding!!!!!
Beautiful woven heart.
Look forward to more updates from your neck of the woods.